Peter the Great


Peter the First

Peter the First became heir to the throne of Russia during the age of 10. At first he did not know how to rule, but as the years progressed, he became a successful ruler. He died in the year of 1725 with many things accomplished.

Modernizing with Force

Peter imported western technology, improved education, along with the Russian alphabet, and water ways, also canals, created mining and textile manufacturing.


Peter the first conquered St. Petersburg, it had became the first warm water port for Russia. Russia captured the Swedish fort of Nyenskans, which is present day St. Petersburg. The biggest accomplishment for Peter was the Great Embassy. Peter toured Western Europe from 1697-1698. Peter became influenced by Western Europe , which is called Westernization.


In 1725, when Peter died, he had expanded Russian Territory. He also had gained ports on the Baltic ocean and created a powerful army. Peter ended Russia's isolation and then became part of Western Europe's affairs.