The Three Musketeers

Maya, Aztec, and Inca!

The Mayans

The Mayans had an elaborate calender system that highly expressed their skill with mathematics. They had a basic concept of zero, but their calender was only synchronized with the solar year cycle.

The Mayan agricultural methods allowed them to thrive in the tropical environment. The Mayans grew and raised their crops along annual flood waters. Mayan had powerful individual city states all ruled by a king, yet each city had an individual ruler.

The Aztecs

The Aztec spoke a language called Nahuatl. The writing itself was hardly understood; it being a weird mix of Nahuatl and dots, along with symbols, almost similar to Egyptian.

The Aztec created chinampas (artificial islands) to grow their farmland.

The society became rich off of tribute, war brought wealth, and society had a single ruler.

The Inca

An achievement of the Incan people can mostly be associated with quipu; books that are made of colorful yarn strings attached to a main cord, and instead of letters or numbers, they used knots! It's astonishing how the Inca people were even capable of reading their recordings.

The economy was based in their high-altitude agriculture.

The Incan people can also be praised for their road systems.

Empire of the Incas

Comparisons And Contrasts

  • The Mayans, Aztec, and Incas all shared wide accomplishments in their calenders, mathematics, and writing system.
  • In contrast, the Mayan were located in rain forests, the Aztecs were located in the deserts, and the Incan were located in the Mountains.

  • Both the Incans and Aztecs were ruled by an emperor, while the Mayans had a king.
  • All civilizations are Polytheistic
  • All civilizations had their economy based off of their agriculture, but the Mayans also based it off of their trade as well.
  • Mayan and Aztec built pyramids.
  • All civilizations had namesake cities.