What to Visit Along the Nile River

By. Cody Peters

Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam was starting to get built between the 1960's and the 1970's. The Aswan Dam is located in Aswan Egypt. The Aswan Dam crosses the Nile River. They built the Aswan Dam to help control the floods and to generate hydroelectricity. The Aswan Dam uses turbines to help save power and electricity. The Aswan Dam has affected the animals by causing more floods.

Farmland Along the Nile River

The picture shows someone farming long the Nile River. The Nile River helps people because it helps people get the water that they need. For most of the farmland it flows through a valley. Together the floodplains and the delta is 3% of Egypt's land area. About 95% Egyptians live along the Nile River.

Cairo Egypt.

The picture shows a city with a river in it. It changes because it leads in to a city and they will be able to buy things that they need. The delta contains 60% of all nations farmland. Most of the people live along the Nile River. The Nile River ends in front of a big delta.

As Sudd

The picture shows animals swimming in the water and plants sticking out of the water. It changes because it helps the animals be able to get water easier. The Nile River crosses through a huge swamp called the As Sudd. The Nile River got lost in this swamp. They have many channels in the Nile River.