Mr. Matula

Staff Developer


John Matula is currently a Staff Developer at Icahn Charter School 4 in the Bronx, NY. Icahn Charter School 4 is a Blue Ribbon school and one of the top 20 in the country. John holds a Masters Degree in Childhood Education and is currently in the process of obtaining his SBL Certification.

John started his career working for AIG as a Risk Analyst and has transferred his skills and knowledge of data into the field of education. John is very well-versed in using statistics to tutor, scaffold, and drive classroom instruction using a blended learning model. His blended classroom targets student weaknesses using small group instruction and technology.

​In his ever-vanishing spare time, John teaches an advanced after school robotics program where instructions on STEM applications are explained to elementary school students, he is a leading member of the National Honor Society, and he also likes to walk his friend's silver lab on the boardwalk of Long Beach, but will refuse to get his own dog if you ever ask him.

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