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About Eagles Edge

Eagles Edge is on the coast of British Columbia. It hosts Canada's largest shipyard and industrial pier. It has a population of 670 000 people spread across 191 square kilometers. Due to the elevation of the rocky mountains and open ocean waters Eagles Edge sees a wide variety of weather,one minute it can be sunny blue skies ,the next a torrential downpour is upon you.

wind power

About wind power

Wind occurs as hot air rises and cool air moves in to take its place. The sun process possible by heating the air unevenly. When the hot air rises high enough ,it cools down again and falls toward the ground. The moving air creates a spinning effect. We feel this spinning air as wind. Wind turbines look like giant fans. they can stand up to 200 feet and 61 meters tall.
Wind Power

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The advantages and disadvantages


.Not noisy

.Wind turbines are good around oceans

.Solar panels are good energy for homes

.A few can make a lot of energy

.80 wind turbines do not take up any valuable land space

.do not give pollution

.wind is a clean energy source

.the price of energy will not vary as much

.once a turbine is built the wind itself is free.

.Wind power helps keep energy costs stable.

The disadvantages

.The cost

.can be noisy

.lots of work to set it up

.some people think they are ugly and spoil country side views

.takes up space

.wind dose not blow at the same speed all the time

.they most be high enough to catch the wind

.wind turbines can hurt birds

.wind turbines are very inefficient

.limited locations

Why is wind power the best for eagles edge

Wind power is good for eagles edge because wind turbines are good around seas oceans so they will catch air.