Jakyia Jones


(Left picture: Martin Luther) As a major turning point in history, the reformation contributed to some effect we have that accrue today. One being able to have a mind of our own, as people began to question the dominate Catholic religion that's when it all started. Social and political change also took in place.

People of the Change

Past Catholic priest, Martin Luther(a German monk) took on the role of being a leader. However had it not been for his life challenged by the strike of lightning him becoming a monk may have not happened.(Left picture:John Calvin)

After suspicions of the Catholics selling of indulgences, he got to work in wrote the 95 Theses. Which quickly spread his argued opinion about the sealing of them. Along side him was John Calvin, another priest he to believed that good deeds(*cough*cough paying) were not necessary. But asking for forgiveness was.

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Impact on Society

As always in any situation, when people state their opinion on things. You will have a split section of folks who believe and agree with what you're saying, and those who don't. In which this is exactly what happened in this situation. People began to view faith differently, because of the newly given information. Left to deiced weather they well continue to play a role as a Catholic or go on to something more reasonable and new.

mondern day CHANGE

Martin Luther.... ring a bell, sound similar. Hopefully, yes inspiration to the inspiration Dr. Martin Luther King. Also contribution to the emphasis on religion and freely opened words spoken among us all.