For sale- The new cotton gin!

Starting at 250 pounds Comes in deluxe or regular

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Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin Incorporated

"The cotton gin is for the win!"

One time 30% off the normal offer

Deluxe cotton gin-450 pounds

Increased cotton production. The difference between being wealthy and rich lie in this machine. Deluxe version is recommended for textile factories. The deluxe version is made to do the same quality work but is much faster and is less likely to have to be worked on.
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Household cotton gin-250 pounds

Wealthy families are now able to make more clothing in less time and without the grueling work of taking the seeds out of the cotton. Recommended for wealthy families creating clothing for themselves and others close to them. This is a more affordable gin, it does the same quality work as the deluxe gin but works slower and is more affordable.
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More Cotton, More Money

Increase the speed of your cotton production with the cotton gin. Use your slaves for picking cotton, not plucking seeds out of it. The cotton gin automatically takes the seeds out much more efficiently.

About the inventor

I'm Eli Whitney an American inventor, mechanical engineer, and manufacturer. I was born in Westboro Massachusetts, 1765.
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Why was it created?

The cotton gin takes away the grueling slow process of picking the seeds out of cotton. This was a long process done by slaves allowing less of them to be working to pick the cotton.

How the cotton gin works

As the cotton with seeds is fed into the gin the cotton begins to run through a revolving cylinder studded with hundreds of short wire hooks. As well as the hooks the cotton is fed through another cylinder, running in the opposite direction with finer bristles.
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Get rich!

This invention will help all of society, the cotton workers will not have too do the lengthy tough work and the mill owners will be able to make cotton faster. The more cotton the more clothing and blankets. Society will have cleaner clothes and be warmer.
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Limited Time Offer!

Order in the next four days to get a 50% off deal on one of our middle aged, sturdy slaves

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