By Julianna Chervenak

Current Benefits?

A few of the current benefits of nanotechnology are they make things stronger, faster, lighter and, more durable...

How may nanotechnology impact the future?

Nanotechnology is growing rapidly and will have a major impact on everyones life..

The Future of health care..

Nanotechnology will have a a huge impact on health care there are so many things nanotechnology will be able to help with. Some of these things are cancer, heart disease, cell regeneration, diabetes, birth and the respiratory system..

Downsides ?

They can have a negative effect on health, environment, privacy, and society..

My interest

The field of nanotechnology that amazes/ interest me the most is the medical field.. There are so many ways they will be able to advance the medical field with nanotechnology.. They can find cures faster, that should last longer and will leave people in less pain.. Since they are so tiny they can place them in the human body and fix things even as small as cells... I can't wait to see the medical field in the future with nanotechnology..
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