How to become a Vietcong Solider

By: Adrian Nava

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How will you be trained?

As Vietcong men we will have to learn as we go. If you are becoming a local guerrilla then you will receive the basic minimum infantry training. If you are joining the main unit than you will receive an additional month more of advanced training. You will become real men, and you will learn to dig underground tunnels. You will also learn how to operate these new weapons we have received from our allies. You will learn our new tactics and you will become great warriors.

The strategies we will be using.

The Americans have a great amount of weapons and are very well trained. Our brothers aren't as well trained, but we will win because we have strategies to help us achieve glory. Our main strategy will involve using underground tunnels. We will have everything including a well, sleeping chamber, firing post, trap doors, and many other things to help us. Our second strategy will involve using hit and run tactics since we lack the high powered weapons that the American's have. Our 3rd strategy will involve us using attacks in the country side and in the city since the Americans aren't accustomed to these types of battles and it will give us an advantage. Our 4th strategy involves all the pieces before and making the war into a stale mate and making it as difficult as we can on the Americans. If we apply all of these strategies we will be successful.

Weapons you will be using


The Vietcong is a strong group of men who will win this battle against the southern Vietnamese. We have the strategies that will drive the Americans carzy and make them impatient. We have the home field advantage and know the terrain and they don't. We have the weapons that our generous allies have given to us to help us compete against the Americans. The Vietcong has everything in place that will help us win this war like we did against the French.

Genius point

The great Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong has given us a great quote. He explains that the guerrillas have always been under estimated. That they can't do what they do and make their opponents frustrated and that they can't be successful. They think that guerrillas can't exist because they don't know how our system works and how our people and troops work. He explains that the past regimes have not always gone after what matters they have gone after the water and not the fish. The fish is what matters and that's the goal. This quote will help us guide us in our new fight against a major power.