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February 15-19, 2016


Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

A few reminders:

Please remind your students of the expectations for cafeteria behavior. We have a lot of kids in there and it's been a little rowdy lately! Your support is greatly appreciated!!

Please see Ms. Hill for the TELPAS quiz which is required prior to callibration!


New Grading Procedures to take effect on March 2nd

There is a new grading procedure that starts March 2nd.

1. The “Post All to Report Card” button will be available.

2. Elementary teachers will no longer be required to finalize their gradebooks.

With these changes, you can now Post All of your grades with ONE click.

You can still use the “Post” button from within each course/section to post or re-post a single section if needed.

It is strongly recommended that you review the Report Card tab in your gradebook for each section. This allows you to ensure you have proofed the grades that will be printed on the report card for your students.

Important notes:

➢ Any student without a grade will have an ‘NG’ (no grade) posted on the Report Card tab. (Homeroom and CITZ sections should show an ‘NG’ as they’re not graded courses.)

➢ The system stores your User Id, date, and time that you posted your grades regardless of method used (Post All or Post).

Please see Cycle 3 Elementary Grading Procedures for more information.

G/T Information


Feb. 15 - March 7 - For Teachers:

  • Window to complete Observation Survey and Observation Inventory
  • Assign and collect student portfolio work sample

Feb. 23, 24, 25, Feb. 29 and March 4 -

  • GT On-line CogAT testing in Computer Lab- more info on schedule coming soon!!
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Doss Blooms With Kindness Week!

Happy Kindness Week!

Here are some things to get your team started on having an awesome RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Week! Your SEL chairs will receive a copy of all of these in a folder (in color). You will also receive via email a file with all of them (all in one file) in case you want to print in color. Please feel free to come up with your own ideas!

Hearts--Your class will receive 25 hearts. Once a student has completed a "Random Act of Kindness," they may bring it to our Love Tree at the atrium. DO NOT WRITE NAMES--just the kind deed. Let Doss Bloom with Kindness this week!!

Posters for Far West Kindness Fest: If your classroom wants to show a little love to our NW Hills neighbors, we will have posters available for your class to go show a few minutes of love to the passersby. Please let us know when you would like to use them!

Kindness quotes: In case you'd like to tackle "Kindness" in writing assignments, here are our "Thoughts for the day" for the month.

Great Kindness Challenge: More ideas for kind deeds in "checklist" form!

Pay It Forward Bingo: Game for RAK Week!

Secret Agent Scavenger Hunt: Game for RAK Week!

Bookmarks: Leftovers from last year...

Kindness Lesson Plans: Here are some lesson plans by grade level (K-8) that are focused on "Kindness." Fun and easy to use!

Pay it Forward Cards: Leave a little "happy" around the world and encourage others to do the same!

Happy Stamps: Have your students color a motivational doodle, and "stamp" kindness around the halls of Doss!!

End of the Day Jar: Conversation cards to have a community-building closure to your day.

Friendship Cards: Enjoy some conversation starters to help your students look at "friendship" in a new way.

TELPAS Calibration Sessions

TELPAS calibration sessions will be held after school in the computer lab on the following days. The sessions will begin with a mandatory campus administration procedures training starting at 3:30 followed by the online calibration to be completed independently. You may sign-up as a team or come on your own. We have space for approximately 22 people per session.

Just a reminder that you will be paid for your time after school. All new raters must complete the online basic training course before you calibrate. Please bring a set of headphones to the lab on your calibration day.

Wednesday, Feb. 17 3:30

Thursday, Feb 18th 3:30

Wednesday, Feb. 24 3:30-4th grade

Thursday, Feb 25 3:30

Bluebonnet Breakfast is Friday, February 19th

There will be a Bluebonnet breakfast available for eligible 3rd and 4th graders right after announcements and the eligible 5th graders after specials (about 30-40 minutes each). Mrs. Lang will send out invitations to those children who are eligible (have read five bluebonnet books, done the review sheets and had those review sheets signed off by their teacher or Mrs. Lang).

Next set of Benchmarks

Tues. 3/8

3rd Math

Wed. 3/9

3rd Reading

4th Reading

Thurs. 3/10

4th Math


Wed. 4/6

5th Science

Thurs. 4/7

Make up

Nurse's Notes

The CDC has generated a new health letter on the Zika Virus entitled Mosquito Bite Prevention. A copy has been placed in your boxes.

Thank you for doing a great job in sending students with a note or the health referral form to the health office. Having the full name of the student helps us expedite care in contacting parents.

Please let us know if your first aid bags are running low on bandaids so we can refill them for you.

Computer Lab News

No new news on the new student devices (tablets & Chrome books).

If you looked at Google docs last week then you are ready to make your own document.

  1. On the Google Docs home page look at the top and you will see a big black horizontal bar that says “start a new document”.
  2. Decide if you want to start with a blank sheet or if you want to use one of their templates. Just click on the one you want and it will open up.
  3. You now have a new document in Google docs! The best part is you don’t have to remember to save because Google constantly saves it as you go. Lose power, no problem! Make changes, get interrupted by a student, forget where you were, and close the program. No problem! Whatever you did is there automatically when you open Google Docs again.
  4. The top left hand corner of the page it says “untitled document”. Click on it and you can type in the name you want.

Right now you are the only one that can see your new document. Next time I’ll tell you about sharing. Call me if you have problems -James