Forest fire, Wild fire

by Matthew and Shane

What is a forest fire?

A forest fire is one of the worst natural disasters that can take place. It can destroy homes, trees, and wild life. It's uncontrolled and can ruin the environment in many ways.

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What negative things can a forest fire do?

  • ANIMALS AND PLANTS One negative thing that a forest fire can do is burn down our nature life like trees.
  • Water is a very important main sources of all living things and the forest habitat is no exception. While smoke is flowing through the air, it unfortunately enters the water.
  • It can destroy animals homes and it sets fires to beavers dams, just to name one.


  • We, of course, use resources from this environment and wild fires take away the opportunity. Trees can burn, taking away paper and the amount of oxygen in the air.
  • It can also destroy our homes, cause illness, and take peoples lives away.
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Are there any positive effects?

  • Well, yes there are! One of the positive ways are that the flames may strengthen plant and remove any spores and diseases.
  • The aftermath can actually cause healthier growth!
  • Even though a minor benefit, it can raise work. Fire fighters will of course try to end the fire and animal organizations will start campaigns. It will help the environment by taking down or destroying any pollution in the forest.
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Does it effect Texas?

Of course! The Edwards Plateau could be effected due to the many trees in the area. Erosion will also be affected through the carrying flames.

A wildfire that actually happened!

Friday, Sep. 6th 2013 at 10am

Fourmile Canyon, Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

In 2010, an unknown person set fire to an unknown object and the flames traveled. This actually burn down and destroyed 6,181 homes and took168 lives!

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