Friday Review

Friday, September 22, 2017

What's New?

  • The School Improvement Team met on Wednesday, September 19. Minutes can be viewed:
  • Teachers please be mindful that dismissal time is an extremely hectic time in the front office. Try your best to avoid sending student to the front office to call home. Utilize the phone in your rooms for that purpose to avoid so much traffic in the front office.
  • WOW! We distributed 156 boxes of chocolate on Thursday alone! We have the potential to make $12,000 for teacher and student incentives with this fundraisers. As was explained at the assembly, the ONLY time chocolate will be distributed and money collected is during Spartan Time so that instructional time is protected. Staff members are not to collect money from students, as this is a PTO fundraiser.
  • Wednesday, Sept.27th is national "See You At The Pole" Day. Spring Hill will observe by gathering together, beginning at 7:30 pm around our flagpole.
  • From Cabinet...Be sure that your standard and EQ are written out large enough that someone from the back row of your class can read it. Typing them out will not be large enough.
  • Remember that reading the Friday Review is an expectation. We have been asked several questions in which the answers were found in the Friday Review.
  • Please be reminded that you should make parent contacts before writing a student up or scheduling a CFST, if the behavior is not a major offense.
  • ALL progress reports go home on Tuesday, September 27th. This is a non-negotiable.
  • Two weather stations have been installed outside near the drainage pit near 7th grade and at the back of the school. Please keep students away from the stations.

Shout Outs

  • To homeroom teachers for helping distribute club registration forms forms and facilitating registration this week. It went GREAT!
  • Shout out to Mrs. Macy for working closely with Mrs. Chisolm to ensure that students in 8th grade who are without a Science teacher right now are successful.
  • Mrs. Gore would like to give a shout out to Mr. Davis for retrieving a book out of the cafeteria garbage can for one of her students. Chantel wrote him a "Thank You" note and we appreciate your helpfulness.
  • SHOUT OUT - SHMS discipline is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!
  • Shout out to Mr. Bream, Mrs. Davis, and Ms. VanDeVelde for assisting with TLC.
  • KUDOS to SHMS for your participation at our first parent night.
  • Thank you to E. Johnson for keeping us all straight with LF training and reflection.
  • Thanks to our PE Teachers for always ensuring we are set up for assemblies.

General Reminders

  • 7th Grade Teachers: Please encourage those students that have not returned proof of vaccinations to do so ASAP. They will be suspended from school after September 26.
  • Gonna be absent? You are now required to submit a leave form to Mrs. Lewis prior to being absent. See A. Kingston to receive a leave form.
  • If you plan to be out or an emergency comes up and need to be out, please be reminded you are to CALL MRS. LEWIS PRIOR TO PUTTING YOUR ABSENCE IN AESOP!
  • Continue with paper passports and stamps until further notice.
  • DEADLINE CHANGE: The field trip deadline has been extended to Friday, September 22. Submit all field trip request forms to S. Brayboy (folder is on her door). The field trip request form is located at

  • To join the Sunshine Club you will need to pay a one time $20 fee to Ruth Ann Harris or Debbie Mears by September 29. The Sunshine Committee delivers sunshine during good and bad times. This may be in the form of flowers, cards, gifts, food, etc. W

2017-2018 Club Meeting Dates & Tips

1st semester club meetings:

September 29 (Intro)

October 13

November 3

November 17

December 8

December 15

January 5

2nd semester club meetings:

January 26 (Intro)

February 9

February 16

March 2

March 9

April 13

April 20

Tips for implementing a successful club:

  • Set clear rules, expectations, and consequence during your Intro meeting;
  • Review your advisor responsibilities;
  • Take attendance and inform administration when students are absent or when club enrollment changes;
  • Reward students with tickets if they meet your expectations;
  • Plan a cool field trip with your clubs. Students want to see more trips! Plan a fundraiser to pay for these trips. Plan ahead and go ahead and submit Spring semester approvals now;
  • Invite guest speakers to participate. It's wonderful to network with our community.
  • Ask the kids what they want to do! Our club program is designed to address their social and emotional needs and interests and develop relationships with students. Include them in your plans.

This Week

Monday, September 25 - Administrative PLC at 9:00am; Volleyball at Home vs. East Hoke at 4:15; PBIS Committee Mtg. at 3:45

Tuesday, September 26- ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning

Wednesday, September 27- "See You At The Pole" Day at 7:30; Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Grade Level/Team Meetings (as needed); Learning Focused PD "Classroom Environment" during all Planning Periods; Football at East Hoke; Home Volleyball Game (Admissions: K. Griswold & J. McRae; Concessions: C. Sagastume & J. Odom), Progress Reports Go Home

Thursday, September 28- Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Safety Committee at 3:45 in the Conference Room; District PBIS Chairs Meeting at CO at 3:45pm

Friday, September 29- TLC; New EC Teachers Support Meeting in PD2 at Central Office; Sunshine Committee Dues to RA Harris $20.00; SHMS Walk-through for Learning-Focused No-Gotchas

Looking Ahead

Monday, October 2- Administrative PLC at 9:00am; Volleyball @ Sandy Grove

Tuesday, October 3 - ELA/SS/Science Grade Level Subject Planning, Bullying Training with Students during Electives; Faculty Meeting 3:45 in the Library; Golf @ Bayonet; Volleyball vs Carver at SHS 5:15pm

Wednesday, October 4- Student Support Services Meeting at 9:30am; Learning Focused PD "Learning Goals" during planning periods; Football @ Home vs. Hamlet @ 4:15pm (Admissions: D. Salzlein & M. Quick; Concessions: D. Motz & L. Fehlman; Monitor: Brooke Hasty)

Thursday, October 5 -Math Grade Level Subject Planning; Assessment/PDP Due; ½ Day for Students: Parent/Teacher Conferences 1pm - 6pm (Lunch Provided)

Friday, October 6- Required Teacher Workday- District Wide PD

Monday, October 9 - Volleyball Pep Rally 2:30pm (Depending on how girls do)

Tuesday, October 10 - Special Faculty Meeting in the Library 3:45

Wednesday, October 18 - Football Pep Rally 2:30pm

Items for the Friday Review are due to Ms. Audrey Kingston every Thursday by noon.