Slavery - Slave ships

Kirsten Smith

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Who: 20 million Africans were taken on slave ships.

What: A slave ship is a large cargo ship that is specifically designed for the purpose of transporting slaves to the America's; especially the newly captured ones.

When: The peak time of slave ships was the 18 and 19th centuries.

Where: America's and the ocean.

Why: They were used to transport slaves to the America's.

How: They know ocean routes that they used to get to where they needed to be in the fastest amount of time so that they don't loose that many slaves.

Why is this topic important?

I believe the most important reason for Slave Ships being so important is so that we don't repeat history; we don't want to bring back slavery or slave ships and by knowing about them, we are preventing them from happening again. #PreventSlaveryFromHappeningAgain

It is important to remember the horrors that the slaves went through. What they went through in the past isn't going to change and we need to remember what they went through.

What characteristics of a broader topic does your narrow topic represent?

My narrow topic represents slavery in general. Not only does it represent slavery, but it also shows how bad the slaves were treated.


The Antelope is a slave ship that help more then 280 people captive. This slave ship lasted 7 years.
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This map shows the slave ship routes that they would have taken and where they would go.
Slave Ship Conditions