Cyber Bullying

Be Safe

What is cyber bullying ?

Cyber bullying is bullying someone by a device or electronic.Cyber bullying is not something to be played with. Even though people who do cyber bullying think it’s funny but it’s not because it can hurt people’s feelings and can cause to death in some occasions.

'David Knight's life at school has been bad. He was teased, taunted and punched for years. But the final blow was the humiliation he suffered every time he logged onto the Internet. Someone had set up an abusive Web site about him that made life unbearable."

Tips on staying safe

  • Never chat with strangers

  • Don’t put your personal information

  • Also when putting a username Don’t put your gender

  • If someone is insulting you by the internet blocked them or tell an adult

  • If you are texting Don’t capitalize all the words they might think you are yelling at them

  • Make your information private so only the people who you want to see it will be the only ones allowed