Writing folder

Informal and formal writing

  • content - the purpose should be clear. why are you writing?
  • who are you writing to?
  • language - appropriate and consistent style (informal or formal)
  • organisation - how to organise the content into different paragraphs
  • connecting words - how will you link clauses, sentences and paragraphs
  • the opening and closing of the letter
  • positive effect on the reader
  • check the spelling, use a range of grammatical structures, fully complete the task, no important information is left out

Phrases - one informal and one formal

  • refusing an invitation
  • congratulating
  • giving your opinion
  • giving advice

Suggested answers

refusing an invitation
  • Oh no! I´m sorry I can´t come to your party because I´ll be on holiday.
  • I´m afraid I am unable to attend due to a prior arrangement.

  • Wow, well done you - you passed your driving test first time!
  • Congratulations on passing your examination.
giving your opinion

  • I think....
  • In my opinion...
Giving advice

  • Why don´t you...
  • I think you should...