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1-15-2016, Level Creek Elementary School, 4th grade

Friday folders and Report cards

Please remember to review, sign, and return graded papers, and the Friday folders on Tuesday, January 19th. Report cards are int he Friday folders. Please keep all the papers inside the envelopes, including your student's Ga. Milestones report, sign the envelope, and return it on Tuesday.

NG Co-Op Food Drive January 19th-22nd

The 1st graders’ annual canned food drive to benefit the North Gwinnett Co-op will take place January 19-22. Our goal is to at least match last year’s collection of over 3,000 items!

Current needs include UNEXPIRED canned fruit, spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, canned chicken, peanut butter, soup, and coffee.

Not needed at this time: green beans, corn, and cereal.

Also useful are UNOPENED non-food items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, pull-ups, diapers (size 4 and up), powder laundry detergent and dish soap.

Please note that expired items will be thrown out; they will not be counted towards the total.

For each grade level, the class that brings the most items will win a popcorn party. Thank you for your support!

Big 20s...They will count as grades now

Big 20 grades will begin to replace all computation grades this month. These Big 20s will be designed by me so that every problem on the assessment will represent a skill your child should have mastered by this time. My hope is that through repetition, these skills will be second nature for the Rockstars. The Big 20 in the Friday folder was given on Wednesday. It is an example of the ones that will follow in the future.

General Class information

All Curriculum Night presentations are linked on our website.

The invitation to join our Quizlet account can also be located on our website. Study

Next Week's Important Events

You can find a homeroom special's schedule on our class website.

Week of January 18th:

Monday No School

Tuesday Day 3

Wednesday Day 4 (PE)

Thursday Day 5, Wordly Wise Test

Friday Day 6 TenMarks due, LA eClass and Social Studies eClass Post due, Mentor Quiz

Week of January 25th:

Monday Day 1 (PE)

Tuesday Day 2, Math Test

Wednesday Day 3,

Thursday Day 4 (PE) Road to Revolution Test, Spelling Test

Friday Day 5 Mentor Sentence Quiz, Sound Discussion Post Due, LA eClass Post due

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