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February 21, 2021


The New Hanover County Board of Education voted to transition students in grades pre-K through 5 to Plan A on Monday, March 8, 2021. NHCS is currently operating under Plan B AA/BB schedule for all students. Students in grades 6-12 will continue to operate under Plan B AA/BB schedule.

All students will continue to have the option to choose full-time remote learning. Families of elementary students will be contacted by their school to verify the attendance option they are choosing for their student under Plan A.


  • Students are required to participate in Zoom instruction and complete posted assignments on remote instruction days. Teachers will record the Zoom instruction if students do not log on and post on Seesaw (K-3) or Google Classroom (4-5) for students to watch. Parents must submit to the teacher in writing attesting their child watched the Zoom lesson later in the day in addition to their child completing the posted assignments in order to be counted present.

  • Please continue to contact your teacher or the school nurse if your child has been sick, exposed to COVID, or tested positive for COVID. Students who are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to COVID are not permitted to attend school.

  • Please try to schedule your child’s appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) on one of their remote days so that they do not miss in person instruction.

Spotlight on 2nd Grade!

Second grade is exploring how to read and write nonfiction. Some of their reading is integrating with our Social Studies unit on Black History Month and our science unit on states of matter. As they engage in nonfiction writing, second-graders are practicing how to move along the steps of the writing process. They are enjoying researching their topics with books, on the Internet, and even through expert interviews. In math, students are now working on using different strategies to add and subtract 3-digit numbers.

Spotlight on Guidance!

Welcome to the Counselor's Corner with Mrs.Shelton and Ms. Hauss! First off, we would like to welcome Ms. Kaylyn Fourtunia to the Cool Cat Family. She is studying to become a School Counselor at UNC- Pembroke and is interning this semester with Ms.Hauss. Glad to have her onboard and look forward to what all she has to offer the students here at Wrightsboro.

The students have been working on building Communication Skills in Guidance. They are learning about communication bloopers or mistakes often made when talking to others. Some of these mistakes include: ignoring, interrupting, withdrawing, and controlling the conversation. We then looked at positive qualities-boosters- to bring into a conversation such as listening and supporting. Along with looking at the positive qualities we talked about what each looks like specifically with our body language (eyes, ears, mouth, and body position).

Another lesson that we have been doing is for Black History Month-specifically focusing on African American Heros in Wilmington. This lesson/coloring book comes from Cedric Harrison founder of Support the Ports, a non-profit agency. Harrison said “I was inspired to create the coloring book from frustration that came after I found out about Wilmington’s rich African American heritage once I left Wilmington. I wanted to create something that could teach people young and old far and wide about the wonders of Wilmington that seemed to be hidden or forgotten about.” The artwork includes super hero drawings of Black History Month heroes like Michael Jordan, Althea Gibson and Hubert Eaton. Regular Grayson, the art teacher at GLOW Academy, is the artist behind all of the illustrations.

Students have been enthusiastically enjoying these hands-on lessons. If you and your family ever have any questions that you need help with please don’t hesitate to call or email us. Looking forward to seeing everyone back on March 8th.

Mrs. Shelton (K-2)

(910) 8105-6909 ext 76976


Ms. Hauss (3-5)

(910) 815-6909 ext 76978


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Our School's Why

School Mission:

The mission of Wrightsboro School is to establish and promote a caring, engaging, and supportive environment that enhances learning and leadership for all.

School Vision:

Today we learn. Tomorrow we lead.

School Beliefs:

We believe children want to learn and lead and will take responsibility to actively meet goals that will help them succeed in the future. We believe teachers inspire success, and encourage a love of learning by providing a supportive environment that fosters leadership through instruction to meet the unique needs of each child. We believe families that work together with our school contribute to successful learning for every child.