Module 7 ~ Accessories/Tools

By: Beth S.

Safety Precautions~

I have set the pass code on my iPad. I think this is a great safe guard set on your iPad to protect it. I will set pass codes on the student iPads as well. This my be time consuming for the teacher to enter each time but a good idea.


Two settings I found this week to be helpful:
The backup app refresh and manage storage. The backup app would be useful because it automatically refreshes when I launch apps. It also checks for updates.
The manage Storage setting shows your available and used storage on our iPad. I will be able to manage and free up space by using this setting. Because photos and videos take up so much storage space, I can move my photos to the cloud to free up storage space.
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Accessories and Instructionsl Tools~

The AirServer allows the teacher to have the "classroom in your hands". I can use the iPad to show content and engage my students. With AirServer I can wirelessly beam my iPad display to my PC and from there to my projector or Smartboard. I will use this to use and show my classes the apps on my iPad.

Doceri~ Interactive whiteboard ~ allows the teacher to create, share, control and present from your computer from anywhere in the classroom with the iPad. "Doceri Remote's desktop viewer continually displays an exact copy of your computer's screen – even Flash-based content. Since the computer image is typically much larger than the iPad screen, Doceri lets you use standard pinch gestures to zoom and pan across your computer's screen so that you can work comfortably at any resolution" This will be a great tool to be able to use my PC along with my iPad.

Pandora~ Streaming music/genres of my choice on any device. I will use this tool to stream mood music while my classes are working on the computers or iPads.

iPad tips and tricks~

I love the swiping gestures.
I added the link instead of typing it all out.
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