Principles Of Sociology

What to expect in an online class.

I look forward to our sociological journey that we will begin in the Spring of 2017.

You may have questions about how the course will run. Although primarily online, the class involves interactive, engaging assignments and plenty of discussion and sharing. Please expect to log in several times each week interacting with course materials and other students (and your teacher) as well as working independently on assignments. You will receive an email and letter from me prior to the start of class with more specific details and a date for a face-to-face introductory class meeting. Don't worry! The first week of the class will entirely be devoted to setting you up and introducing ourselves. An online class is not easier than a class held in school; even though the class is more convenient to your schedule, it does require a reasonable amount of interaction with your classmates, and monitoring your time to complete weekly assignments on time.

What to expect?

The class information is divided into units. We will use a system to organize class information, post on forums, and take quizzes. Assignments will be turned in on Google Classroom. The expectations in each unit include:

  • A post to the forum question I pose.
  • Responses to fellow classmates on class forum.
  • There are four major sections in each unit. The sections progress from simple to more complex understanding of the information.
  • A.) Read textbook material (textbook will be provided), view the PPT, or watch a video lecture. These tasks are flexible.

  • B.) Recall information such as a definition, term, or procedure.

  • Practice Quiz

  • C.) Compare, organize, interpret, modify, or summarize information. (This portion of the unit is labeled “Know the Concepts”)

  • D.) Strategically, think, apply, and analyze information. This portion of the unit is labeled “Apply and Analyze."

  • The class is graded based on total points.

  • We are scheduled to participate in at least one real world sociology assignment. We will visit a senior citizen home to participate in an intergenerational project.