What's in a name?

Social Studies Project 2nd

Team Information

The Chicago White Sox play in the U.S.A for Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is located at 41.8819 north and 87.6278 west. They are in the Midwest region of the United States. In Chicago they speak English and any other language that someone wants to learn. Twinkles were surprisingly invented in the Midwest. The Midwest was soon known as the nations breadbasket because of the crops it grows. The Midwest grows more corn than anywhere else in the U.S. The Midwest's land is flat. The Great Lakes are part of the region. The Midwest lies near the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

The White Sox mascot

The Chicago White Sox are known as The Sox, The Chisox (Chi for Chicago and Sox a shortened version of their true name), and The Good Guys. Their name, the sox, was shortened for the newspapers and changed to the Sox. Their mascot, Southpaw, refers to the place they play, Southside, and to any left handed pitcher, a common nickname.


The team was established in 1900 founded by Charles Comiskey. They moved to Chicago from Sioux City for business and popularity. It is connected to the region becauseChisox refers to Chicago and (white )sox.


The name of the current stadium is U.S Cellular Field. U.S Cellular bought the naming rights at 68 million dollars. Stadiums have started to be named after companies because companies want to advertise their products.