Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School

January 17 - 20

Mission Statement

Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School is a living testament to our Lord's work in his youngest disciples, exemplified by academic excellence, spiritual formation, and compassionate service to others.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 16

Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, January 18

8:00AM - Mass

Friday, January 20

1:30PM - Spelling Bee 3rd-8th in the Cafetorium

Sunday, January 22

10:00AM - 1:00PM Uniform Resale

5:00PM - Festival of Praise in the Church

Sunday, January 29 - February 3

Catholic School's Week

Sunday - Open House (10:00-1:00) & Spaghetti Dinner (10:00 - 2:00)

A few words...

Go Cowboys! Go Vikings! Go Trojans! What a weekend!

So, Father Mike pulls through again with another soul-gripping Homily. As I stood listening to Father's words in the Vestibule, I couldn't help but reflect on the community we have and how many families have helped me become a better parent in so many situations.

On Saturday, I was planning on attending all the SMG home games and I ran into a few families and teachers and listened to their crazy, action packed schedules planned for the day. As I listened to the passion and importance of attending each game, I realized I had not made one of my daughter's soccer games at Nolan this season, because of meetings, obligations, etc. I took that thought and left the spirit candy for all the basketball teams with Mrs. Wessel and made my way to Brewer High School. Driving through the chilly drizzle, I remembered a sweet librarian once explained how she battled through the cold weather to watch those important high school soccer games. I detoured and grabbed my gear and went on my way. Now let me explain, my children are driven and work hard, but are not typically the top scorers on the team. So, I got settled and expected to watch and cheer on the other players and hope that my girl was warm on the bench. Rather, I watched as my girl played most of the game, working so strategically on the field. She had matured her play so much and I was so disappointed with myself that I had not witnessed any part of that growth this year. I sat and watched and got so emotional with how much she enjoyed being on the field and how hard she had worked to get onto the Nolan soccer team and I couldn't figure out how I had gone from sitting through her every single practice and game for multiple teams to not even attending her games. I continued to watch her every move and thought back to every private lesson, coach talk, and parent talk that we had with her over the past thirteen years of club soccer and she had finally matured into a great little player. My thoughts were interrupted by an outburst of laughter as my "tough stuff" slipped in the mud as she went for the ball and her coach's sarcastic voice carried over the field. She looked over, smirked, and went back into attack mode. Unable to move on with my pity-party, the ball crossed and she effortlessly put it into the goal! So...thank you to all the parents who set such a great example for me in helping me realize how important every game is no matter how packed the schedule, no matter anything! Thank you for being such great role models! As Father said this morning, "You never know when conversations may impact someone else. The Lord works through us all in ways we don't expect." Thank you, again!

Words from our Pastor

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to personally invite you to join us at our first Festival of Praise on Sunday, January 22nd, from 5:00-6:00pm in the church.

What is a Festival of Praise? It’s a high-energy hour of Adoration, intercessory prayer, worship music, the sharing of Sacred Scripture, and exhortations. It’s an invitation to the Holy Spirit to work among us and bring us closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Come by on the 22nd and check it out! You won’t be disappointed!

God bless,

Fr. Luke

Thank you for the awesome attendance at the Spring Creek Dine-Out!!!

2017 Geography Bee

Each year SMG participates in the National Geography Bee. This bee is held in schools all over the United States. The bee process begins in December. All the students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participate in the Preliminary Competition. This competition consists of seven rounds. The top student from each 6th grade homeroom moved on to the final round of competition. In the 7th and 8th grade, the top two students from each homeroom moved on to the final round of competition.

On Friday, January 13, the ten students met to compete to become the school champion. This year the competitors were: Timothy Neumayer, Brendan Woodside, Brett Tipler, Kristen Badoy, Grant Bishop, David Boyea, Caleb Moran, Nicolas Prado, Delaney Wessel, and Andrew Vu.

Our bee was a nail biter for sure. After 19 rounds we finally had our winners:

First place: Grant Bishop

Second place: Brendan Woodside

Third place: Kristen Badoy

Grant Bishop will compete in the National Geography test to see if he will qualify for the state competition, which will be held on March 31, 2017.

Good luck Grant!!

Community Rosary Group

All are invited to join in on a weekly morning Rosary in the Saint Maria Center. There is no better way to begin the day than spending a few moments with God. Rosary prayers only take about twenty minutes. Come each week or drop in as often as those busy schedules allow. For more information, please contact Mary Rowell @ (682) 552-3082 or Mike Ginani @ (214) 864-7811

Women's Rosary Group (babies and toddlers welcome)

Monday Mornings @ 7:35 AM

Men's Rosary Group

Wednesday Mornings 7:35 AM

Men's and Women's (combined) Rosary Group

Thursday Mornings @ 7:35 AM

Registration for 2017-2018

Registration will begin in February after Catholic School's week. All tuition and registration fees for the 2017-2018 school year will be announced at the January Home and School meeting...Monday, January 23rd @ 7 PM.

Catholic Schools Week

Plan to join us as we kick off Catholic School's week on Sunday, January 29th with SMG's annual Spaghetti Dinner (10:00-2:00) and Open House (10:00-1:00). Students are encouraged to wear Mass uniforms to weekend Masses. More information will be sent on the festivities for the week.

Please help us spread the word about our Preschool three and four year old programs!

Saint Maria Goretti Catholic School Alumni

Are you an SMG Alumni?

Come join our team of alumni and share those "glory day" stories and get involved with the SMG campus! If you or anyone you know is an alumnus, please send your contact information to Abbey Lewis at The SMG Alumni committee will be sending out special invitations to all alumni. Please feel free to share this message with friends and family.

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Oh God, make us wiling to do your will, come what may. Increase the number of persons of good will and moral sensitivity. Give us renewed confidence in nonviolence and the way of love as taught by Christ. Amen.

-Martin Luther King Jr.