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Main Facts

Scientific Name: Panthera onca

Type: Mammal

Size (L):1.1m - 1.9m

Weight: 36kg - 160kg (79lbs - 350lbs)

Top Speed: 80kph

Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Conservation Status: Threatened

About Jaguar

The jaguar is one of the most fascinating creatures found in the wild. The jaguar is a feline animal specifically found in the continent of America. The jaguar, or the Panthera onca, belongs to the Panthera genus is one of the big cats found in South America. It is often confused with a leopard due to the similarity between the two. However, on a closer look, the spots or the rosette shaped prints found on a jaguar are distinctly different from those found on a leopard.


Jaguars are found in the forests, swamps, dry woodland and grasslands of Central and South America. They prefer dense forests with thick cover and water nearby. The highest population densities of Jaguars are found in the Amazon Basin. They are nearly always found close to water and prefer either permanent swampland or seasonally flooded forests.
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It eats deer, caiman, turtles, primates, rodents, capybara, and farm livestock. It is consitered as vulnerable. Mainly due to habitat loss and illegal poaching.

Interesting Facts and Features

  • The jaguar is the third-largest cat, or feline, after the tiger and the lion;
  • Jaguars have the strongest bite force of all Cats and like other 'big' Cats they can roar (other Cats cannot);
  • About 5% of jaguars have a condition called melanism. Melanism makes a jaguar appear to be black;
  • A jaguar’s roar sounds like a deep, chesty cough;
  • Jaguars are also skilled swimmers and climbers.

Conservation Status

The Jaguar was once found from the tip of South America right up to and beyond, the Mexico-USA border but hunting for their fur and habitat loss has led to drastic declines in population numbers. They are today very, very rarely seen in the USA and are considered endangered throughout much of their natural range, although the Jaguar is listed by the IUCN Red List as an animal that is Threatened in it's surrounding environment. Although the exact population number is unknown, there are an estimated 15,000 Jaguar individuals left roaming the rainforest today.
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