This information will be vital as you prepare your students for this new assessment.

Stay tuned as additional information is shared about ILEARN throughout the year!

BOOKMARK THIS SITE NOW! (Seriously- right now) :-)

If you are in an ILEARN-tested grade level, you should be looking at this site at least weekly, if not daily! Once you know the standards you are teaching during your lesson, please go to this site to see the information provided for that standard as it related to ILEARN.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is what I am teaching within the content limits that it will be tested? (Am I accidentally teaching this standard above or below grade level?)
  2. Am I teaching AND assessing this standard at the appropriate DOK level?
  3. If the specs contain vocabulary, am I confident ALL students can define the vocabulary words and use them appropriately after my lesson?
  4. Do the questions on my assessment look like the example questions in the spec list? If there is an example which contains easier and harder context questions, have I covered them both?
  5. Can I incorporate the types of test questions listed with my students during this lesson during classwork and assessments? (Do you know what the term "hot text" means? Do you know what an "edit task inline" question would look like? Not sure? See the information on question types below!!)

Item Specification Database:

Printable versions of this database can be found here under "Item Specifications":

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What are the item types on ILEARN?

Check this link out!!!

Here is a list of the types of questions your students will see on the ILEARN assessment. We don't want the question mechanics to get in the way of students answering questions correctly. Please go over these question types with your students and include them in your assessments regularly whenever possible!


What standards will ILEARN measure?

ILEARN measures all Indiana Academic Standards, including content literacy and media literacy standards on the English/Language Arts assessments, process standards on the Mathematics assessments, and the new computer science standards on the Science assessment.