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Week of December 14, 2015

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Fire Drill

Thank you for a very successful fire drill on Friday. We were able to evacuate the building in less than 3 minutes. GREAT JOB!

Literacy Lab

I am extremely pleased to announce the implementation of a Literacy Intervention Lab that will be open for students in 2016. We would also like to welcome Ms. Hawkins (the temporary teacher for Ms. Bentley) as a full time member of our team. Ms. Hawkins will serve as the Literacy Intervention teacher. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Taco Bar on Thursday

Please sign up to donate to our staff celebration Taco Bar on Thursday. A sheet will be placed in the main office for sign-ups. I hope that we have 100% participation as we celebrate the holiday season together.

Supply Requests

If there are any supplies that you need, please check with Ms. Barnes in the main office. If you need instructional materials, check with your academic department chair to make the request. I want to make sure you have the necessary materials for your students to be successful. Do not hesitate to make requests. Take an inventory this week and make requests by Friday so that Ms. Barnes can work on getting those items to you when you return after the break.

Friday Celebration

Friday will be a day of fun and celebration for students and staff. Please be sure to stay with your students during the celebration events. If you have questions about the logistics and details, please check with your grade level lead or Mrs. Dacres.

5 Day Challenge

In just 5 days, we will be off for a much deserved and well earned holiday break. For the next 5 days, I challenge you to reflect only on positive things. Often times, our experiences throughout the day are swayed by our thoughts. If we think positive, we create positive experiences. If we focus on the challenges, we are likely to have a challenging experiences. Let's create a positive atmosphere next week. Let's hold each other accountable to the positive 5 day challenge. Let's leave 2015 on a positive note!

Have a great week!