North Carolina

By Manny Torres

Why you should come here

North Carolina is the 29th largest state. There are is a lot of places to live with all the beautyfull houses . The amountof lake is very high because there is 1000 lakes there and there atleast 10 acres.It is really sunny over there and it almost never rains. It also has the most beautyfull beaches. Did you know that the Wright Brothers made there first succesfull flight in there? North Carolina was one of the first states to establish a state syphony.

There is alot of interesting things in North Caroline but I only listed a couple.

Things to see in North Carolina

The greatest thing I seen in North Carolina is the Smokey mountains because you can camp there and climb all the mountains. If you want you can go all the way to Wilmington to see all the beaches and history and all that stuff. Everyone there loves to go to Raliegh to see all the fishing people and all the beaches too.

Famous people

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the NBA. He retired but he is still known.

He would average about 30 points per game. He would make any shot that you think is impossible. He must fell great about himself.