Interactive lessons where YOU lead or Self-Guide instruction

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is a classroom tool for teachers to engage students with interactive lessons & assessments that students can access on any device. Teachers can control the lesson, pushing content as needed to student devices, or give student access to go through content at their own pace. Watch the 40-second video below to preview what Nearpod has to offer!

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

  • GREATLY increase student engagement with lessons that require their interaction.
  • Collect and deliver video, web content, images, slides, PDF's and assessments to your students in an single, organized collection for the lesson.
  • Create a make-up lesson for absent students.
  • Create your own custom lessons or choose from thousands of high quality, teacher-authored lessons in their library of content.

What are other educators saying about it?

Self-Paced Training

Things to READ and WATCH

If you are using Nearpod to build a lesson for one of our eLearning Days, please email me (see email at the bottom of this SMORE) for the template and information specific to that task.

The content that follows will teach you more about using Nearpod in general.

Training Materials

Visit the NearPod Teacher Resource page to learn anything and everything about Nearpod.

Live webinars and self-paced lessons on:

  • Getting Started
  • Creating A Lesson
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Virtual Reality (VR) in the classroom
  • Google & Nearpod Integrations
  • Advanced Tips & Tricks

Time to IMPLEMENT...

  • Use Nearpod with your students! The best way to learn is to dive in!
  • If you want to practice before you try it with your real class, feel free to email me and ask me to be your practice "student". (Sorry, but that offer only works for Southwest Parke teachers.)
  • Try using a pre-made lesson from the Nearpod collection.
  • Try creating your own Nearpod lesson, embedding all the content you want students to see and use during your lesson. Be sure to include interactive pieces every few slides to keep engagement high!
  • Use the Nearpod Help Center below (or me) if you get stuck.

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