By: Emma Hoskins

About Islam

In the Islam religion followers are called Muslims. Their central teaching and beliefs are Sunni and Shi'i, the only difference being that they differ over the issue of the leader of the Muslim community. Some of the traditions are the Five Pillars of Faith, the first pillar is Shahada, the second is Salat, the third is Zakat, the forth is Siyam, and the fifth and final one is Hajj. Some places of worship are Mosques. Their worship leader is called an Imam. Their holy book is called the Koran. The holy days are Ramadan, which celebrates Allah giving Muhammad (Peace be upon him) the messages. The other holy day is Eidalfitr, which celebrates the end of Ramadam; gifts, food, family, and thanks. The holy city is Jeruslam, which has the Dome of the Rock.

What They All Have in Common

The god that all religions have in common is Abraham. A view about god that is common to all three religions is monotheism, which is the believe in only one god.