My 5 goals of the semester

By: Taylor Lisbon

My Goals

My five goals of the semester is to get a grade higher than a 85 in every class. Next, not associate myself with more people than I did last semester. Learn new things that can take me a long way in life mentally and socially. Also, learn not to let people get to me in negative way. And last, be on time for class, come prepared and have a good impression on my teachers.

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Why I picked these goals from personal experiences

My goals are actually personal. More like some experiences I wouldn't want to go through again. I love getting grades 85 or higher because it makes me feel great about myself and when I make lower than that, it feels like I let myself and my family down. I have kept my circle small this year and it helped the year go by A LOT smoother and faster. Having a lot of friends will defiantly get you in drama. Even if you think you've known them for a while... people change when they get to high school. Learning things that can take me a long way in life is very important because very soon we will be in the real world and if you don't listen to the wise life lessons people tell you, you'll be sorry when the time comes and you need to know what to do. And also, coming to school on time and being prepared, if you are the student that always comes to school late and isn't prepared you will give your teachers a bad impression on you and they will feel like they cant depend on you. That isn't good because you might really need their help and they don't help you as much as the other students because they feel you aren't dedicated as much as the other students.

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