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AIESEC in Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Welcome to Brazil! Welcome to Belo Horizonte!

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You are about to embark on a life changing experience. Thank you for choosing Belo Horizonte, thank you for trusting us!


Brazil (Brasil in Portuguese) is the largest country in South America and the world’s fifth largest country, both in size and population. It’s also the largest Portuguese-speaking country.Brazil is also a multicultural country, receiving influences from Europe, Africa and Asia since 1530’s.

What do you need to know about Brazil right now?

Language: Portuguese

Money: Real

Useful Information

  • Brazil currency: real, 1 dollar = 3,04 reais
  • How much a bus ride costs? R$3,10 (reais)
  • How much money do I need for six weeks? At least 400 dollars
  • Can I exchange money in Brazil? Yes, you can.
  • What are Brazil's international banks? ABS, Amro, Citibank, Santander, HSBC.
  • Can I use credit cards there? Yes, it is accepted in most places here.

Time and Calendar

Due to the size of Brazil, the country has four time zones, but the most part of the territory the time is three hours earlier than the standart GMT.

Simple Expressions in Portuguese

  • Hi, hello = Oi, olá
  • Bye = Tchau
  • Please = Por favor
  • Sorry = Me desculpe
  • Excuse me = Com licença
  • Help! = Socorro! Ajuda!
  • Good morning/Good evening/Good night = Bom dia/Boa tarde/Boa noite
  • How are you? = Tudo bem?
  • See ya! = Até mais!
  • I don't speak portuguese. = Eu não falo português

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

Known to the locals as Beagá (pronounced 'bay-ah-gah', Portuguese for BH), Belo Horizonte was named for its beautiful view of nearby mountains. Brazil’s third-largest city has considerable charm. Walk down the buzzing cosmopolitan streets of the Savassi neighborhood on a Saturday evening, eat at one of the fine restaurants in Lourdes, stroll through the densely packed stalls at Mercado Central, attend a weekend street fair or a concert at the Palácio das Artes, or visit the Inhotim art museum west of the city, and you’ll see that Belo Horizonte has countless dimensions. Add to all this the friendly, welcoming nature of Beagá’s people and you’ve got a winning combination. Stick around a few days – you might grow fond of the place.



  • Summer: Hot and rainy (25ºC-32ºC) From December to March
  • Autumm: Warm, almost no rain. From March to June
  • Winter: Not too cold (minimus 10ºC) From June to September
  • Spring: Warm and rainy. From September to December


Belo Horizonte has a large tranportation system. Here you check some of them:

Host – 3 possibilities

  1. Host Family: This one is most usual host here, in this category a family you receive you in their home. Most families are pleased to receive a trainee in their home and they probably will treat you as part of their own family.
  2. Republica: This is a brazilian sutudents house or apartament.
  3. Hostel: If we can’t find a host family or a republica to receive you, you will be alocated in a hostel.

Have you ever imagined to change someone else's life?

The project Driblando, developed by AIESEC in Brazil, has as a goal the enrichment of the brazilian culture and the development of 3 basic elements: leadership, team work and self-awareness. All of them are interconnected and practiced in the most fun way for the participants: practicing collaborative sports!

The Project gives the opportunity of team work development between the participants. Thus, to cooperate in a way that all the students can become more aware, empathetic and inclusive, improving the sense of respect. Moreover it promotes the cultural intersection within the local and international diversities as a way to achieve self-awareness. Have you ever imagined to change someone else's life?

  • Free accommodation
  • 1 meal per day
  • Free Portuguese classes (commitment fee of $ 4)
  • Discounts on taxi rides
  • Integration with social activities of AIESEC Belo Horizonte's office
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  • TN fee: 100,00 reais (+ - 30 USD). To offer all AIESEC BH needs to charge a symbolic value of some costs that it has in order to act sustainably.
  • Date of the project:
  1. from June 1st to 13th July
  2. from July 27th to 1st August
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Driblando Project