The Harrahill Herald

Mrs. Harrahill's News for February 15th-19th, 2016

Anderson Grove's Purpose & Direction

Purpose: The purpose of Anderson Grove Elementary is to prepare all students to achieve their greatest potential and to positively impact the future.

Direction: In collaboration with families and community, our direction is to support and prepare all students for success through high expectations and individualized learning in a safe and positive environment.

Values & Beliefs:

Family Atmosphere

Collaboration and Communication


Continuous Improvement

3 Be’s – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Anderson Grove's "Be Known"

Anderson Grove is Known for Being a. . .





School-Wide Social Skill: Staying on Task

  1. Look at your task or assignment.
  2. Think about the steps needed to complete the task.
  3. Focus all of your attention on the task.
  4. Stop working only when instructed.
  5. Ignore distractions and interruptions from others.

School-Wide Expectations: Playground

Be Safe

  • Stay in designated areas
  • Go down the slide on your bottom
  • Use equipment safely and appropriately

Be Respectful

  • Invite others to play

  • Take turns
  • Follow adult directions

Be Responsible
  • Line up when the whistle blows

  • Bring equipment into the classroom

Notes from the Editor

  • CONFERENCES ARE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH AND THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and updating you on your child's progress so far this quarter.

  • Homework: There will not be any homework assignments this week UNLESS students have not completed class-time assignments on time. They should practice spelling and independently read for 15-20 minutes each day.

  • Spelling: Spelling words for this week didn't make it into Friday Folders last Thursday. Students will bring them home in Friday Folders on Tuesday. They will take their test on Friday.

  • Market Day: Thank you to all of our parents for their support of this fantastic learning experience! It was great to hear from some of you... especially those that had students "paying" with extra chores to earn your help! : ) This could not have gone as smoothly as it did without your help at home!

  • Auction Day: This was a HUGE success! We were beyond lucky to have such incredible families who sent a BUNCH of donations for Auction Day! Our families were so generous, and I am deeply grateful for all of your support. I'd like send an additional "Thank You!" to Mrs. VanThompson for spending her entire afternoon with us for this special event. She created the packages of items to be auctioned off and handled "payments" from bidders. This made our afternoon extremely smooth. Thank You!

Read All About It! - Mrs. Von Nagy, Librarian


Come check out this spring’s “Feeling Groovy” Scholastic Book Fair during the week of conferences in the Media Center! Be prepared to have a groovy good time and enjoy some great new books! Keep your eye out for Clifford the Big Red Dog!

Book Fair Hours:

Tuesday, February 16th: 3:30-7:30

Wednesday, February 17th: 3:10-4:00

Thursday, February 18th: 3:30-7:30

Friday, February 19th: 3:10-4:00

Can’t make the fair this time around? Check out our online book fair from February 6th to February 19th at

Literacy Links & Community Connection - Miss Johnson, Literacy Coach & Unity Council Sponsor

Hit the Books with the Omaha Storm Chasers

We have officially begun our Storm Chasers Hit the Books reading incentive program. Please see information that came home in your child’s Friday folder last week. As your child completes each of the reading goals please sign a mascot (attached to the information sheet) and return to school so their teacher can record their progress.

Thank you for encouraging your child’s love of reading! Hope to see you at a game this Spring. If you have any questions please email Miss Johnson at

It's Sucker Time!

Unity Council will be selling suckers during conferences, both Tuesday (2/16) and Thursday (2/18) evenings. Each sucker cost $1.00 and there are some brand new flavors this year! A portion of the money collected will go to a local charity! Please consider supporting this fun service project!!

It’s Not Too Late…

If you have not ordered your 2015-2016 Anderson Grove yearbook, you still have time! Unity Council will be taking orders during conferences both Tuesday and Thursday night. Each yearbook is $15. Please make checks payable to ANDERSON GROVE!

Art News by Miss Levin, Art Teacher

Hello Parents!

This week in art, we are working on our textured and patterned clay hearts. Depending on what school your student goes to, they are either just beginning to create their art or they are finishing it up with painting. At both schools, we reviewed what texture is and how it adds interest and a unique quality to art. We also went over basic clay and “coiling” techniques. These projects are turning out so beautiful and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

We will just be starting our projects. Students will draw a heart on paper and outline it using a coil. Inside of the coil heart outline, various coil designs and beads will be added. Students then made a flat slab of clay and stepped on it (their reactions to this step was priceless) leaving unique textures which will then be cut into shapes and added within their heart.

Big image

Local Listings

Feb. 15 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Development)
Feb. 16 - Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 3:20-7:40 p.m. Be sure to check your scheduled time online.
Feb. 18 - Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 3:20-7:40 p.m. Be sure to check your scheduled time online.
Feb. 26 - Family Fun Night @ 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the gym

Specials Schedule

Monday - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday (Day 10) - P.E.
Wednesday (Day 1) - Music (No Library Checkout due to Book Fair)
Thursday (Day 2) - P.E.
Friday (Day 3) - Guidance

Current Events

**Note: Our students are part of a group helping to pilot new reading, writing, and spelling programs. We will be using a comprehensive reading, writing, and spelling program called JOURNEYS from Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.**


In School: Readers will review how to summarize in order to comprehend texts they read, along with understanding details in texts helps readers know the author's purpose.

At Home: At conferences this week, I'll be giving parents a bookmark to use with their child while reading at home. These bookmarks have great question "starters" to check understanding when discussing the text. Conversations can be short - 2-4 minutes. Just ask your child one question from each domain (Within, Beyond, or About the Text). After your child responds for a beyond or about the text question, follow up with "support your idea with evidence from the text." This is a very common practice in class -- it's how teacher's know students are interpreting texts with higher level thought processes.

Social Studies

In School: Entrepreneurs will finish reviewing our economics units and assess by the end of the week.

At Home: Students may need to bring home textbooks and our vocabulary review packet to review concepts. Discuss terms with your child and provide real-life examples when needed to connect ideas.


In School: Writers will continue drafting, revising, editing, and publishing explanatory essays this week. (This is a type of writing that explains about a topic.)


In School: Spellers will learn patterns for the /j/ and /s/ sounds. They'll work with words using j or g to make the /j/ sound and -ce or -ci to make the /s/ sound.


In School: Mathematicians will finish wrapping up what they've learned about measurement, polygons, and congruent shapes. They'll begin studying the foundation of multiplication as well!