logic Gates

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The Three Main Logic Gates

the three main logic gates are AND gate, NOT gate, OR gate. these all have diffrent propertires: an And gate need both inputs to be on to activate the output, unlike a Or gate which only requires one of its inputs to be on. a NOT gate will basically reverse the input, so if the input is on the NOT gate Wont activate the output.

An Exapmle Of How The Gates Can Be Used

The Fourth diagram (below) shows a very simple circut(s) of each of the gates and how/when to use them.

the Bulbs are all on but only four of the swiches, this is because of the NOT gate.

Although in this diagram the Or gate has both swiches on, it doesn't need them to both be on.

A Truth Table For The Diagram (Above)

the inputs are the swiches and the outputs are the bulbs. the 0's and 1's are binary code-the only thing a computer can understand, in this instant they mean on or off (1=On 0=Off)