My Job

Job Description

Lawyers have a very good job. Lawyers help people by defending their case or helping with divorce. Lawyers also interpret laws, apply laws specific situations, and draft new laws. Lawyers are mostly researching precedents. Those are laws that came before us.

How much do you get paid a year?

  • You get paid $130,490 a year.
  • You get paid $62.74 an hour

Where Would You Work?

I would wanna work in a urban-city that is close to where i live.

Education Needed?

You need a bachelor's degree. After high school you will need to take 7 more years of study. Then 4 years of undergraduate study. Followed by 3 more years of Law school. You will also need to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
GM CEO Defends Lawyer in Recall Case
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