Terror Hurricanes

the most dangerous storms

How dangerous is a Hurricane?

Hurricanes are most known as the Deadliest storm ever. The winds has to be at least 74 miles per hour in order to be a Hurricane. About 5 Hurricanes hit the United States each year. Most hurricanes have the cost over billion dollars to repair. Hurricanes usually lasts for over a week or two

How many people died in different hurricanes?

In Hurricane Katrina around 1,833 people died, but is also known as the deadliest hurricane. During Hurricane Hugo 100 people died. 203 people died in Hurricane Sandy. About 2 million people died from Hurricanes in 200 years. In Hurricane Carla around 43 people died.
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the apperence of a Hurricane

A hurricane is like a tornado in the ocean. A Hurricane starts off as a Tropical storm and just grows and grows. They are a lot slower on land than on ocean. Hurricanes has winds spiraling inward and upward around 75 to 200 miles per hour. The places that Hurricanes usually strikes in the United States are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Flordia.
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