BSE Homegrown

February 1-5

Weekly Events

Monday, February 1

  • Good News Club will resume
  • Spartanburg District 2 Board Member to visit BSES
  • RtI Meetings
  • PTA Board Meeting Rescheduled (6:00)
  • 3rd Teachers will meet to discuss Intervention Groups-2:45 (Cole's room)

Tuesday, February 2

  • SC State Department Representative to visit BSES
  • ESOL Testing Begins
  • Tech Tuesday for 2/3 Grade with Tina Svenson 2:45 (Blackwood's lab)

Wednesday, February 3

  • Jump Rope for Heart Presentation
  • Principal's Meeting
  • 3rd grade SC t-shirt Money Collection begins

Thursday, February 4

  • Last Day to purchase Valentine's Day Cookie Gram
  • Yearbook Sale ($15.00) 7:00-7:40
  • IPAD Class for D2 Staff 4:00-7:30
  • Kimbrell to Transform SC Conference
  • All teachers to review Yearbook Page

Friday, February 5

  • Spirit Day (wear your school t-shirts or colors)
  • Sign up sheet for DO snacks
  • Vote on Support Staff

Need to Know News

Cookie Grams

Each year, we have a Cookie Gram fundraiser to support Relay for Life. If you would like to send a Cookie Gram to your little one, you may do so by completing the order form sent home recently. The last day to place an order is February 4th. Cookie Grams will be delivered on February 12th.

Science Fair Family Night

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we have went virtual with our Science Fair Family Night scheduled for Monday, January 11th. Instead of having a face to face meeting, we have posted the video on our school Facebook page to assist with preparation for our upcoming science fair. All 3rd students are required to complete and project while 1st and 2nd graders have the option to do a project. You can also watch the video by clicking on the link below. The first 50 people to watch and complete the survey will receive a free Science Fair Board. We hope you find this beneficial.

Link to the Video:

Link to the Survey:

Due this Week

-We will be doing Valentine Snacks for the District Office staff again this year....they absolutely love it. It is our way to spread a little love. We will put a sign up sheet out on Friday, February 5th.

-Grades are coming up due for interims.....make sure you have plenty. We will extend the deadline from 2/9 to 2/12.

-February 15th and March 11th will be a make=up day. Please add to your websites.

-Keep in mind, we have a board member visit February 1st.

-If you have an outstanding lunch balance, please take care of it by Friday.

What's Going on in Classrooms at BSE

This past week was a great week to visit BSE classrooms. I would like to highlight some of the math lessons I observed, along with Wendy Cole and Glenda Brown.

In a K5 classroom, we say student using Ipads to create number sentences using dice and an image of a math sheet. Students would upload the sheet to their IPAD and add the number sentence in as they rolled the dice. They, then, uploaded their work to Seesaw. That was just a few of the students, two other groups of students were working with teachers on fluency in leveled groups. While another group was working with partners on a fluency activity. Total engagement and differentiation.

In a 2nd grade classroom, students were working on solving subtraction problems that involve borrowing. The students had several strategies to ensure they got their answer correct. They were using terms like minuend and subtrahend.....more to come on this lesson.

Other than math, I saw a wonderful use of technology in a 1st grade classroom. Students used Popplet to collect their ideas for their writing and uploaded these to Seesaw for parent review and teacher feedback. Check this out in the video link attached:

Talk about "Learn by doing"....these were great examples. I will certainly be in rooms to be able to showcase more of the great things going on in our building. Thank you for your continuous commitment to our students.

Yearbooks on Sale

Yearbooks will be available for purchase online starting September 14. We will make them available online through March 31. The cost is 15.00. You will need to follow the link below and enter the school code 21001.


Lunch Menus will now be digital. Parents are able to download an app that will allow them to check daily menus. The app is titled NurtiSlice. Parents will search for Spartanburg District Two. They will have the option to choose elementary, middle, or high school. Once you have selected the school, parents will be able to view the breakfast or lunch menu.

Parents are also able to pay their lunch bill online. I have include a link below titled "Pay your Lunch Bill" below.

Upcoming Events

February Events

8th-BSES Science Fair (6:30), RtI Meetings

9th-Faculty Meeting, Grades Due

11th-Watershed for 5K, Chick-fil-a Spirit Night (4:30-8:00)

12th-Valentine's Day Parties (1:15)

15th-Make-up Day, Interims and Signed papers go home

17th-Watershed Presentation for 3rd Grade

18th-BookFair begins, SIC Meeting 3:00 pm

19th-Six Flags Logs due back, Club Day

20th-Republican Primary @ BSES

22nd-Book Fair Continues, Greenville Drive logs go home

23rd-Book Fair Character Dress up Day

25th-3rd Grade Program (6:30), Book Fair Family Night 5-6:00

26th-Last Day of the Book Fair, signed papers go home

27th-Democratic Primary at BSES

Birthday Wishes Go Out to......

To my December apologies!


4-Mistry Bonasia, 8-Cindy Nichols, 9-Patti Hardee, 12-Sheila Ballington, 13-Evangeline English, 18-Dorothy Crite and Brenda Reid, 22-Janice Koman, 25-Maureen Bowen, 30-Carla Jolley, Nanda Mitchell, and Kelli Smith


8-Necole Miller, 17-Bethany Revis and Richard Bevins (cafeteria)

A Day in the Life @ BSE

Remind 101 for Teachers

PLEASE SURE THAT YOU ARE SIGNED UP TO RECEIVE TEXT! To receive faculty and staff reminders, please text @bsete to 1-443-345-1126