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Young Living Lovin - May 2016

Ahhh, the month of May. Traditionally, it's a beautiful month with botanical nature blossoming, and who doesn't love that? Which is to say, who doesn't love essential oils, which are distilled from botanical nature (see what I did there?)?

Rejuvenate your month with your favorites (geranium, lavender, basil, jasmine, citruses, etc.), and see if you don't blossom as well!

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About Me

My journey into Young Living Essential Oils is truly one of my most favorite surprises of adulthood. Physically and emotionally, I have found my happy place in them, and my energy and energetic outlook is forever changed for the healthier. I am always so proud to share what has become a full-blown passion of mine with others.

Call/text/email me with ANY questions. If I don't already know the answer, my unapologetic oily nerd self will happily find it and file away the new knowledge.