Fourth Grade Library News

Week of August 25, 2014

Busy busy bees!

Phew! What a great couple weeks it has been at CCE already! I have really enjoyed spending time with fourth grade this year. We have had a couple sessions together working on typing skills and most classes have visited the library for library class twice already.

The first visit we spent talking about expectations and routines in the library. There are a lot of routines and transitions in library and the kids are working hard to remember all of the things we have talked about.

The fourth graders seem so grown up and have really matured in the last year. It is so much fun to see what books they are choosing and to talk to them about their summer vacations.

Your child has been using a typing program called which is an online tutoring program that is intended to help students to practice typing skills. This program is one they can use anywhere that they can get online. The site has been linked to CCE School's main page on the Websites We Use link. Once students get there they can log in to their own personal accounts to practice their typing lessons.

The username is their first and last name with a hyphen between the two.
The password is CCE@ and then their lunch number.

Example: jenny-brenner

Students can practice their lessons or play typing games to improve their comfort with typing. We encourage students to practice often for short periods of time if possible.

We have started to talk about the Iowa Children's Choice award books for the 2014-2015 school year as well. The kids are very excited about seeing the list of 17 books. We will make "pledges" next week about how many books each of us wants to try and read before the voting is done in March. I have told the kids that I will read all 17 books before it is time to vote and I can't wait to get started! They all look so wonderful and some are even a little scary. I will have more information about the Iowa Children's Choice Award books on the website please make sure to read about these great books.

At this time fourth graders have been allowed to check out two books per visit to the library. When a book is checked out it isn't due until two weeks after they have borrowed it. If they are to finish a book before this time they are free to return it and get a new one. If they need more time with a book they are allowed to renew it. I encourage families to designate a special place in the home for library books to make it easier on library day to gather and find them. I know we try to do that at my house and it does eliminate that panic stricken moment when we're all looking under beds and behind the couch.

If you ever have any questions or would like to volunteer in the library please contact me.

Jenny Brenner

Please take a minute and check out the school website at:

The website is also available through the CCE website. If you visit the main school page, then go to CCE Library page, there is a link to my page from that location.