The Scorch Trials

Written by James Dashner (368 pages)

Why I read the book

I read The Schorch Trials because it is the second book in the Maze Runner series. I started reading the Maze runner because of all the positive things I heard about it. With such a great first book I had to carry on in the series and read the second.

Three Things I liked

- I liked that there was another book carring on with the previous story in the series.

- I liked connections that were better established in the second book. In the first book the characters were all just thrown together and there wasn't a lot of connection in the story but in this book I feel that there were good connections.

- I also liked the "romantic" addition to the book, Thomas(the main character) can communicate telepathically with a girl named Teresa(the girl he has feelings for) but this was quickly turned around when Teresa turns against Thomas trying to capture and kill him and the others.

Two things I didn't like

- I didn't like that the plot was practially the same in both books, I understand there isn't much the author could change about the book but I felt that it was just a little to much the same book.

- I didn't like the ending, I felt that it was too similar to the previous book

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If you were in a life or death situation would you read the book?

Personally I would not, considering I liked the first book much more than this one, I would pick that one before this one. Also taking into account that this book or the last book was not my favorite I would choose a different book instead. I still liked both books I just wouldn't consider the series one of my absolute favorites.

Would you recommend it? Why? Who would you recommend it to?

Yes, I would recommend the series. I enjoyed the first two books so far and I think many previous to me have enjoyed them aswell. TI think this book is intended to attract are 12-16 year old boys and I would agree with that evaluation. Even though I think it is intended for 12-16 year old boys I think many others would also enjoy the story, but I think the book is well suited for a younger audience.

A Connection With The Text

I think a connection I can make with the book and my life is basketball and sports in gerenal. Even though in basketball you have an extremely small chance of death I think that the idea is generally the same. You have to evaluate what is going on and "attack" the weaknesses that allow you to win.

What we learn about humanity and the ways of people by reading your book?

Sometimes people think that the only way to discover a way of "fixing" a humane problem is to put a select group of people in a horiffic place. Thoughout history this has shown, the Holocaust for instince. The Nazis put jews in horrific places thinking that it would somehow benefit their country. In this book a group of teenagers are put in a death trap for testing. Even though the people that put them there think that it will help their society they are inhumanly killing people. Even though the book is 100% fiction I think it still demonstrates many of the adversity problems that still happen in everyday life. All people are equal and should be treated that way, even if people think it may "benefit" their society.


“The girl leaned forward and kissed Thomas on the cheek. “You’re sweet. I really hope we don’t end up killing you," Pg 59
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