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airfare cost and schedule

I am flying to Honolulu Hawaii from Denver on May 16 to May 23. Im leaving Denver at 11;46 am and should be at Honolulu Hawaii around 8;23 pm. It is going to take me 12 hours and 37 minutes.


Im gonna be staying at The Royal Hawaiian it is $299 per night its a five star . They have a beach and beach chairs for you to sit on at the swimming pool also . they have air conditioning with a bar / lounge .


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A lot of volcanoes erupting down in Hawaii in the national park . The way people could figure out to help to not get hurt is to not go out downand visit the national park while its irrupting . While Im here im going to watch the area im staying around or gonna visit it can be very dangerous there. A other problem is that theres a lot of homeless people and the way us or I can is by donating money to them just to help some pepople .!CCE67234-3FBE-404E-B2AC-1E5E0E2FBABB


The trip I took to Honolulu the hotel that I stood at had a nice pool to go relaxing and a bar/lounge do you could get food or drinks . The hotel was very polite and great I think im defentliy gonna go back . It was an exilent experiernce. I got to go surfing and swim with the dolphins and also I got to feed them . The people out there were very polite. The servies at the hotel was great ! I can see why people lover that place . The adventure to Honolulu Hawaii was fun I would go back again!