Gallipoli Campaign PBL

By Chloe B And Angela

Day 1

It was the 25th of April 1915. Everyone hopped off their boats and swam to the beach with there guns held high above their heads to keep them dry. They arrived ashore only to figure out that they were at the wrong beach, they had landed at the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. There were high cliffs above the soldiers, but what they didn't know was that the Turks and the Germans were on top of the cliffs ready to fire. The Turks and the Germans shot heavy gun fire at the soldiers below. Then the soldiers that were fighting for us and the soldiers from Turkey and Germany both retreated.

Day 2

The soldiers that were fighting for us came back to the beach and started building trenches in the ground to protect themselves from the massive gun fires from the Turks and the Germans. Later on they came back and shot rapidly at the soldiers down below. The Gallipoli soldiers tried to defend themselves from the gun fire.

Day 3

The soldiers had a little rest then got ready to fight. They got their guns, put on their belts, helmets and peeked out to see if the Turks and the Germans were standing out ready to shoot the soldiers.

Day 4

The soldiers fought and fought for days and days. They needed to reach the Black sea to meet the Russians to free up shipping and resources. There was devastating fire coming from the Turks up on the cliffs while we were down below and thier were bullets shooting above thier heads.

Day 5

When the soldiers landed they were in Gaba Tepe (ANZAC Cove). They climbed steep hills, Some reached the top of Gaba Tepe, but some didn't. They had high death toll and lots of causualties (injuries).

Day 6

The soldiers never stopped fighting even if they got hurt they kept on going and going and never gave up. Over 11,000 ANZAC's died at Gallipoli. The disease killed more than the bullets, the soldiers wore dog tags and medal for their achievements and acts of bravery.

Day 7

The soldier's fought and fought and never gave up and kept trying. The soldier's had high a death toll. Turkey and Germany retreated and the soldier's also retreated as well. The ANZAC'S knew that they would'nt win. So they decided to go back to their home countries.