Las Noticias de Sra. Buell

Week of September 22, 2014

This will be another busy week in the fifth grade. We will give Think Through Math another shot this week. Please send me a detailed email this week if you ANY issues with TTM. Tomorrow exchange students host families will receive their think through math login.

We are thrilled to have our exchange students here. They are fitting right in and learning a lot.

My Website

Visit my website to view the google calendar with weekly homework and events in the fifth grade. Communication is important and I want to give everyone multiple ways to get the information. Everything on the calendar should also be written in the planners.

Study clubs

I will be offering one day before school and one day after school for students to come get extra help. They can come to my room at 7:35 on Wednesday and stay after school on Thursdays with the exception of the third Thursday of the month (I will send reminders), all students need to be picked up at 4:15. Please let me know if you plan on attending, if there is no interest I will cancel, but everyone does not have to come every time.

Math this week

There will be math homework Monday and Tuesday. The kids will have a test on Friday, so Wednesday and Thursday homework will be to study the study guide.

Study Club

Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 7:30-8am

Sra. Buell's room

Students need a pass. This will be given by Sra. Buell.


Study Club

Thursday, Sep. 4th, 3:30-4:15pm

Sra. Buell's Room

Parents need to let Mrs. Tschida and I know they are staying via email before the day of the club.