Growing with STEM in 4th Grade

February 1st-5th

Mark Your Calendars

2/05 Wear Red to School to support American Heart Assoc.

2/11 Principal's Coffee - 8:00-9:00 Cannon Library

2/12 Class Valentine's Day parties

2/15 Student Holiday - Professional Learning Day for teachers

2/19 Cannon Talent Show - 6:00 p.m.

What We're Learning this Week

I can analyze text evidence to identify the author's purpose.

I can identify a central idea to assess the relevance of supporting details.
I can plan and write an expository essay.

Social Studies:
I can explain how the growing conflict with Mexico led to the Texas Revolution, Texas' independence, and the formation of the Republic of Texas.


I can solve multi-step problems involving Multiplication and Division. I can

find elapsed time.


I can understand the properties of magnets in order to make a maglev train!


I will be hosting a Principal's Coffee each month, beginning in February. The first one is scheduled on Thursday, February 11th, from 8:00-9:00 and it will be held in the Cannon Library. At each of these Principal's Coffees, parents are invited to attend, in order to hear updates about GCISD & Cannon Elementary and learn information that has a direct impact on our school community! I am really looking forward to these informal opportunities to share important information with families and engage in conversation with you about ways to improve our school!


Friday, February 5th has been designated by our district as WEAR RED DAY, in support of the American Heart Association. Please support this effort by sending your child to school wearing RED!! We want people to experience more of life's precious moments and so does the American Heart Association! Let's bring awareness to this important cause by wearing RED!!

Evolution of Trains: Rebecca Cowle

On Wednesday morning, our scholars will have the opportunity to skype with an expert on the evolution of trains. Expert Rebecca Cowle will be answering topics such as:
-History of trains (especially in Texas)

-Benefits of Maglev Trains to the economy (jobs) and environment.

Rebecca Cowle brings her experience in non-profit fundraising and international infrastructural development to assist the Texas Central Dallas office in liaising with local stakeholders and elected officials. She also actively participates in the development of media content and outreach strategies within the Dallas/Fort Worth community to develop and cultivate initiatives that support Texas Central’s efforts. Previously, she has worked for the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Ft Worth as well as for the Global Cold Chain Alliance’s World Food Logistics Organization’s International Programs team in Washington DC. She is a proud alum of Texas A&M University.

Science: TEST ON 2/5

This Friday, scholars will have a test in science. I plan on sending home practice/study material at some point this week. This test will cover: electricity, forms of energy, and forces such as magnetism, friction and gravity.


iPads: Please be sure to have your scholars power down and charge their iPads daily. Also, please have your scholar keep a pair of headphones or earbuds with them in their backpacks. There are a number of activities on their iPads such as spelling tests where earbuds or headphones are needed. If a scholar comes to school without their iPads charged or without their headphones they may not be able to participate in our daily activities. We that you in advance and appreciate your help in ensuring that your scholars are prepared for school.

Jump Rope for Heart

Scholars were given a flyer on Friday for Jump Rope for Heart. If they would like to participate in raising money for the American Heart Association, sign the permission form on the back of the first page, set a dollar goal and start raising money! The rewards this year are PUPPIES! Each milestone while raising money allows for scholars to receive one of the 6 puppy key chains!