PACE Newsletter

Week of February 1st-5th, 2016

Dear PACE Parents,

This week in PACE we explored different types of bridges and used that information to plan, design, and build a bridge out of straws. The students also learned about the four main types of bridges and presented the information to the class. I think we may have some future engineers in PACE! They love problem solving!

For research, the students wrote 5 questions about their topic. We took the questions that the students wrote about their topics and turned them into a basic outline for their paper. For next week the students need to find information about their topics. This can be magazines, books, internet articles, brochures, etc. They need to bring their sources to class next week so we can start making bibliography cards!

Thank you for all you do to support our PACE program!

Meg Farley


**Students need to bring one source of information about their research topic next week. This can be an internet article, book, magazine, etc.

Choose one:

Design a model of a bridge. Be creative in your materials!


Research a famous bridge such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, or Sydney Harbor Bridge. Make a poster, brochure, or poem. Make sure to include a picture or drawing.

Bridge Building

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