Unicorns are Real!

By:Lacy Ransom

A Magical Living Thing

Once long, long ago, in a land called Iceland there was a magical, living, misunderstood thing. It was white and very beautiful. It also had a horn that sparkled like diamonds in the light. It was called a unicorn.


Then, on September 3rd, 1892, an explorer named Elmer, went on a boat to Iceland and saw a unicorn! He thought it was a monster, so he ran back to his boat and got weapons! All the unicorns ran. They were all safe, but they knew Elmer would not give up, so they moved far away where no one would find them.

Trying to Survive

After a couple days, they started to regret moving to their new home. There were lots of snakes and scorpions. All the unicorns were getting sick. They could not find any golden apple trees or cupcakes. They were all starving. They had to move back to their home, but how?

A Nice Person

Then, after a couple months, an explorer named Elizabeth heard about unicorns and searched everywhere trying to find them. Then, she finally found them. As she slowly approached them, they slowly backed away. Then, the leader of the pack stepped forward and sniffed her and signaled to the rest of the pack that it was okay. Elizabeth could tell that they were kind creatures, not monsters. Then, she told them she would explain to the people that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that they would soon have their old home back. Then, she was gone.

Happily Ever After

Then about a month later, Elizabeth was back - with an army of people! They explained that they were sorry, especially Elmer. They all built a new home for the unicorns as an apology gift! There were lots of golden apple trees and cupcakes! They were so happy and they all lived happily ever after.