Elementary School Teacher

Interdisciplinary Studies B.A.; Minor: Secondary Education

Sam Houston State University

  • Its motto, "The measure of a Life is its


  • It's ranked #1 in placing students into the Texas workforce within 12 months of graduation
  • 73% of applicants get admitted

Why this campus?

Besides having a moderately high acceptance rate, this campus shows the most promising tunnel to which I want my career to begin at.

Being an Elementary School Teacher

The Inspiration

When it all began

I had always dreamed of being a scientist or astronaut ever since I was a young girl. However, once adults began to besieged me with questions about my future I became uncertain. It wasn't until my Sophomore year in high school I was positive to become a teacher. I had other nudges to the possibility of being a teacher, but it wasn't until I began to tutor in the elementary schools that I knew I absolutely wanted to be a teacher.
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Making a Difference

In my personal philosophy, I strongly believe that in order for the future to be better for us we must start at the root. I want to teach children the importance of learning and how fun it is. What I most dearly want is for students to feel the same exhilarating sense I felt whenever I learned about the unknown.


While I am attending SHSU, i plan on living on campus and if I can maybe near College Station so I may be in radius as Brenham. Afterwards, I plan on either living in Brenham still, but more likely in locations like College Station, yet I will remain in Texas.