Bush Weekly News

October 10 - 14

Message from Mrs. Engle

Thank you for another great week at Bush School! It was very busy, but I think we'll make it through the full moon! Our Active Shooter Training went very well on Monday and it was great to have another hands on review. Grade level work went very smoothly and I'm always impressed on the positive conversations and collaboration that seems to take place across all of the grade levels. As we work through Standards Based Grading, it's going to be hard and frustrating at times. But remember, we always end up on top and proud of what is accomplished! Hang in there!!!!

Notes from Holly

1.) The Minor Tracking Form is back up and running. Thank you Josh Howard! Also, I am playing catch-up a little bit from with the minors being out of commission for a bit so bear with me.

2.) Our next PBS video will be filmed next week. It is to go along with the bathroom setting lessons in the PBS folder on drive. Please make sure you are teaching those lessons with your class. We are trying to hit them in the order that we are seeing the most issues with. Also, I will be putting some extra lessons or ideas to help supplement the PBS lessons that you can use if you are seeing a need for some extra work in those areas.

3.) I have been enjoying reading with the classes this month. If you have not signed up it is not to late. Let me know if you need me to re-share the sign-up sheet with you.

4.) Please continue to let me know how I can support you.

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Calendar Items

October 17: KOMU Pledge beginning at 9:00 am (follow schedule)

October 17: Leadership Meeting at 3:30

October 17 - 21: Boxtops Drive

October 18: Quarter ends/Bus evacuation drill at 8:30 (just added)

October 19: Strategic Planning (for those on teams)

October 20: Ginny Vandeloecht PLC Work/PTO at 6 pm/Josh Howard 3:30

October 24-25: Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 28: Fall Parties/Hayless Hayride (parties 2:15 - 3:00)/Fall picture retakes

November 2: Tier III Meeting

November 4: Grandparent's Night 4:30 - 6:30 (Chili Supper in gym)

November 7: Leadreship at 3:30

November 9: Tier II Meeting at 3:30

November 10: STEAM Night 6 pm

November 14: No School - PD Day (Bush data analysis work)

November 15: Staff Meeting (PBS Training)

November 16: Tier III Meeting at 3:30

November 17: 4th Grade Songs at 6 pm

November 21: Leadership Team Meeting at 3:30

November 23, 24, 25: No School - Thanksgiving break

Notes and Reminders

1. Monday morning we will be filming for the KOMU Pledge. Karen Snethen will be helping us in the library and will help with classes.

2. Ginny will be here on Thursday to continue training for data teaming.

3. Thanks for all of your help with the fall PTO fundraiser!

4. First quarter ends on Tuesday.

5. As you're planning conferences, please do you best to schedule sibling conferences as close as possible.

6. The kindergarten field trip has been rescheduled for October 21st.

7. Suzanne is planning Vertical Teaming for October 26th at FHS right after school. At this point, I'm not sure who is on the team from our building. It's my understanding she'll be sending out that information right away.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fabulous weather!!!