San Antonio Community Social Media

By, Susan Pino

Family Services Association of San Antonio

This is a top and amazing organization here in town. This organization helps with parenting education, youth education, head start, education and workforce, counseling, kidshare, early childhood well- being, and family and parent engagement and strengthening. They make sure kids and families are safe and in a good environment. (Family Service Association, 2016)

Social Media Webpages

We have Girl and Boy Scouts, YMCA, multiple community centers, SAJB military youth centers as well as school centers for helping students will all kinds of issues as well as events, classes, etc.

In 2016, Social Media is the most important for families to learn about help and resources. My position is that the internet, i.e. social media is that its needed and all youths use it as well as parents. If they can find it on the web, they will utilize the information provided.


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