Common Core Confusion?

Don't worry, your local media specialist can help!

My students need non-fiction!

Non-fiction? No problem!-consult your media specialist for the latest and greatest non-fiction books as well as databases, periodicals, and online resources for your student's needs (and on their level too!)

Analyzing fiction? Since when?

Since before Common Core! Don't worry-you've been doing this in your classroom whether you know it or not! Your media specialist can point you towards fiction that can be analyzed with non-fiction, analyzed by topic or skill-just ask!

My administrator says I need to integrate technology-where do I start?

Right here! We know you're inundated with many different technology emails but we're here to be your guide! We have your e-books, research databases, online video links and so much more!

I didn't have this subject before the Common Core was implemented!

The Common Core is a learning experience for everyone-including media specialists! We have been trained long before Common Core to locate resources, determine their importance, select materials based on standards, and the use of technology to boost instruction and that is still our job-helping students learn and helping teachers teach!

How do I ever thank you?

Recommend us to your friends and coworkers! (and a piece of chocolate always brightens our day!)