📚The Library Lowdown

January, 2021 Issue 9

Happy New Year!

New Ebooks and Audiobooks Coming!

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful holiday! I have some great news to kickstart 2021! I applied for and received a Eugene Education Foundation grant to purchase more ebooks and audiobooks for our district! This is so exciting as our ebook and audiobook offerings are very minimal as it consists only what I could find for free. I am in the process of purchasing the books and will let you know as soon as they are available to our students. If your students do not know how to access Sora (our ebook and audiobook collection), you can either show them this video or invite me to your class and I'd be happy to show them.

Once the books become available I will be creating book talks and sharing them in the Weekly Library Connection. Keep an eye out for those.

Thank you EEF!!

4J Virtual Field Trips Update: New Link!

A couple of months ago I was inspired by a fellow librarian to bring the great places in our community to the classroom with virtual field trips. I really had no idea whether anyone would show up and whether they would be useful to our learning community. As many of you know, it's usually just me and my iPad and they are fully flawed😬. That being said, I had no idea there would be so much interest! I am grateful for all your feedback, ideas, and encouragement!

I have a great line-up for the new year and some changes as well. We will kick-off January with a visit to the Eugene Science Center on the 6th followed by the first of a three-part series on conservation and waste when we visit BRING on the 13th. This series will continue with another visit in February to the waste management center and in March to the landfill. I'm so excited to share this process with our students. On January 20th we will visit Wildlife Safari and we will conclude the month with a visit to the Eugene Water Treatment plant on January 27th.

This slide will be updated as more trips are scheduled and I'll also add field trip recordings. You can click to slide two to see field trips from November and December. Please note the Cascades Raptor Center has generously allowed us to post the recording of their session with us, but only for a limited time. This recording will have to be taken down by January 20th (they usually charge for their education field trips).

In an effort to accommodate our DHH students and resolve other issues, we are switching to a Zoom Webinar. The new link, ID, and passcode can be found on the updated Virtual Field Trip slide here. Please share it with your students to ensure they have the updated meeting information. Thank you!

Destiny Collections!

Destiny Collections is an awesome curation tool found in Destiny Discover (click on the hamburger menu in the upper left). With this tool, you can gather all kinds of resources from books and articles to websites and videos. My plan is to create a collection filled with resources for each of the field trips we have been on. You'll notice two links next to the Cascades Raptor Center on the Virtual Field Trip recordings slide (slide 2), one is a link to the recording and the other will take you to the Destiny Collection where you will find the link to the field trip recording as well as links to websites, videos, and articles.

Please note, book titles will be added to collections only when the title is available in most school library collections. If you click on the link to the book it will take you to Adam's Elementary Destiny Discover, as that is where I conducted the search. If you want to see if your school has the title, you will need to ensure you are on your school's Destiny Discover page and conduct a search for the title.

Here is the link to the Raptor collection.

Want to learn how to create your own collections? Watch this video or ask me, I'm happy to help!

January Choice Boards

I realize I already shared the January Choice board with you in the Weekly Library Connection I emailed to you, which is also below. However, I wanted to share the QR code version of all January Choice Boards in one place. You can share this with students and families and they can either click on the image or scan the QR code for quick access to any of the choice boards.

Weekly Library Connection

Eugene 4J Library Services Webpage

Though I plan to overhaul the 4J Library Services webpage at some point, for now, it has been updated to include all the resources I share with you so you can find them in one place. You can find links to the monthly LIbrary Lowdown, the Weekly Library Connection, 4J Virtual Field Trip recordings and the link to join live, and plenty of other resources. Just in case you're anything like me and wonder where you saved things for future use, you'll be able to navigate here to find the resources I share with you.

OBOB Battles in Late February (hopefully)!

Our elementary and middle school OBOB book clubs will continue to meet throughout January.

I am hoping to begin battles at the end of February, but since we are not restricted to a state timeline, we will assess students' progress and be flexible. I'll keep you posted.

Looking Ahead...

Keep an eye out for a collection of read alouds from various leaders in our community. I don't have quite enough to share yet, but it's in the works. If you know of some community leaders/celebrities that might be willing to record themselves reading aloud, please email me as I'm looking for more readers. Thanks!