By: Steph S, Taylor T, Megan A


During the 1950's, technology was the greatest thing out. Televisions were flying off the shelves for what little they had to offer. They had small round screens that came in black and white coloring and only reached a small part of the East Coast. On top of that, you were only allowed to watch 2 hours of programming a week. Seeing as to how this was a growing thing, markets tried all sorts of things with television such as Smell-O-Vision, which led to pumping smells into an Aroma-Rama pipe in theaters. They also tried 3-D movies which is still a fascinating thing we have today.

The Automobile Culture

From the 1950's to the 1960's is when the automobile culture changed completely. In 1950 there were 40 million private cars on the road and then in 1960 the total jumped to 60 million private cars on the road. If you lived in a suburb in a rural area owning a car became a necessity because there was no public transportation and most people had to drive to work because their job was in the city. You also needed to have a car because most places weren't within a walking distance like schools, churches, stores, synagogues, doctors, and dentists. Do to all of the cars the local and state government had to build new roads that linked the major cities along with connecting schools, shopping centers, and work place to suburbs. With new roads came the Interstate Highway Act that allowed the construction of a nationwide highway network.


Highways that were built in the 1950's during the automobile culture.