Solar Energy

Sophie Boileau

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Light is the most important source of energy. The dictionary describes solar energy as the harnessed light and heat from the sun. It is taken in by solar panels and can be used to power machines. Solar energy is preferred for the Olympics, fairs, calculators, and mining. It is measured by kilowatts. 1 kilowatt : 1000 watts. You can find out how many solar panels you need by using this equation : x amount of kilowatts of energy used per day * 100 (all of the energy percentage) = the number of solar panels that you would need.


  • The sun is free contrary to the 94.20 dollars you pay per month. After you install the solar panels, there are no recurring charges. That's almost 100 dollars saved each month!
  • Solar Energy has been harnessed and used for 2700 years.
  • The sun is noise and pollution free, contrary to electricity (electricity is the number 1 pollution producing business in the United States)!
  • Solar energy is most useful in remote places, where it can be to much money to put electricity.
  • Oil will run out in the next 50 years, but solar energy will be here until the end of humanity.
  • Solar panels will save extra energy to put in a battery for nights and cloudy days.
  • Solar panels need little to no care.
  • The cost of solar panels is dropping rapidly.


  • Installing solar panels is costly. It is 4.72 dollars per watt. This can be a ton, especially is you have a large house and use lots of electricity usually.
  • One solar panel produces only about one kilowatt per day.
  • The only time that solar energy is most effective is when it is not cloudy and it is sunny.
  • Solar panels take up lots of space. Generally, it takes 100 square feet to get one kilowatt of energy.
  • You have to replace solar batteries about every two years or sooner.
  • The best solar panels today only take in 20% of sun rays.


After researching this topic, more than half of the data shows that solar panels are the preferred source of energy. This is because solar energy is what we will be using in the near future and on. When coal and oil run out, there still will be the sun for another billion of years. Although solar panels can be a hassle to install and buy, there are relatively free afterwards. Solar energy can fill batteries for nights and cloudy days, so as long as you get the right amount of solar panels, most everything will run smoothly. Solar energy has proven to be extremely efficient and a good option for most energy requiring things.